Fun Baby Games To Play At The Baby Shower

Anyone who has ever has a baby knows that babies are lots of fun but baby shower games are fun for everyone because the mom-to-be, grandparents, and all the other adults get the opportunity to play like a kid. Some of the more popular baby games played at baby showers are Baby Truth or Dare, Measuring Up Mommy, and Sing It Baby! Baby shower games like these are some of the ones that are played most frequently and are a simple way of showing the new mom-to-be that she is much highly thought of and appreciated. They also make for a great icebreaker helping people to get together and know each other better. So how are these baby games played? Let's take a look at each one. Baby Truth or Dare is a great baby game for those who love trivia, particularly baby trivia.

To play the game you will want to have baby trivia facts written down ahead of time and include correct and incorrect answers. As you play the game you will ask guest at random whether a baby fact that you state is true or false. If one answers correctly they are rewarded with some type of prize while those guess the wrong answer are given a dare to take. Measuring Up Mommy is another fun game, just be sure that mommy is okay with this before you plan it! Some mommys-to-be may be too sensitive about their belly size! This game gives everyone at the baby shower the opportunity to measure the size of mommy's belly.

You start the game by having toilet paper rolls ready for the guests to use in order to guess the size. Each participant in this game will cut the toilet paper to the size that they think will fit mommy's waist. Once this is done each guest wraps their paper around the mommy-to-be's waist with the one coming nearest to guessing right being declared the winner. Sing it Baby is a game in which each guest must sing a couple of lines from a song that includes the word, baby.

You organize the game by having everyone gather in a circle which can be standing or sitting. When the first player finishes their song, the next person to the right gets ten seconds to sing a song with baby in it. The songs cannot be repeated and anyone who cannot think of one or repeats one that has already been sung gets kicked out of the game These are some of the more fun of the baby shower games I know of, you can probably think of some more.

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