Enjoy Those Moments Of Spontaneity Part

There are many other wonderful memories I have from spontaneous meetings or events. One time I was at a car wash in Los Angeles, and my car was filthy! I was standing in the viewing room as my car came through. The car in front of me was a BMW with both USC and MD noted on the plate. My car had a USC sticker on the car too.

I was laughing because my car was so dirty and was making little comments about how my school is being poorly represented by a dirty car like this one. I'm pretending that the dirty filthy car is not my car. I'm hiding my face in embarrassment. A young guy comes over and makes conversation about USC.

He is laughing with me at my car. I say, " Can you believe that car is from USC? Who can own such a car?! I mean USC is such a great school." He is eating yogurt and offers me a taste. I take a taste. He is also making comments about the car. "That's the dirtiest car I've ever seen.

" We laughed and I then say about the BMW, "How ironic that it should come right after the shiny BMW owned by a doctor." He smiled and told me that is his car. "That's your car?" I asked stunned. "Yep." "You graduated from 'SC?" He nods with a smirk. "You're the doctor?!" "That's me.

So where's your car. It didn't come through yet?" "Remember the dirtiest car ever? That's me." We laughed a little. We talked about running, and at the time I was running about 2-5 miles a day. It turned out that the doctor also ran.

So spontaneously, he asked me if I would like to go running on the beach in Malibu. That he was just about to go for a run, would I like to join him? It was really like a challenge. So I told him yes. We agreed to meet in about forty minutes.

The amazing thing is we both showed up. We ran on the beach for about twenty minutes. He gave out a moment or two before I did and exhausted and sweaty we went up to his apartment for a drink of water and lemonade. He said "Why don't we have dinner later?" I left to change and shower, and I came back about an hour later.

It was a warm balmy night; he took me to a sidewalk café, overlooking the city, where we enjoyed two glasses of wine and a great Italian dinner. It could have continued into the evening but I didn't want more. One other time that I will share with you is a time that I was invited by friends to a Halloween party at their house.

We got up to dance, and they had this electronic bat that flapped its wings and made spooky sounds with movement. I started dancing with this bat with the sounds and the wings flapping. Everyone was laughing.

Then in another instant I was pretending that I couldn't dance, and I was not very coordinated. I started dancing with intensity and concentration, as if I really needed to concentrate, but the act was no matter how I concentrated I couldn't dance well. At one point I just danced right out of the room into the bedroom and danced back out again like I made a mistake.

It was hilarious. Everyone at the party was falling on the floor laughing. It's those spontaneous moments that add fun and laughter to our lives. So be spontaneous.

Take a chance. Enjoy life. Live in this moment. Explore. copyright 2006 Yoga Kat.

Yoga Kat teaches children's yoga ages 3-6, 7-12yrs and Adults in NJ. The Author of the book DAUGHTER BELOVED and created a children's affirmation CD and an adult affirmation CD. Available for speaking and reached at yogakat@verizon.net or 201 970-9340--COMING SOON -http://www.thecircleofpeace.com


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