Emailing Photos Is There a Better Way

Digital cameras never existed when I was a child. In fact, I considered myself privileged to have a Polaroid! I couldn't wait until the white film printed out and I could rub it on my clothes just to watch color and picture take form! Oh, the good old days. With that said, I find it fascinating that digital cameras have significantly evolved over the last few years. Digital cameras are so common that they have become part of the average telephone design today.

They are dummy proofed to the point that anybody can use one.Pretty amazing, you turn it on, aim, and push a button. If you don't like the picture, simply erase it by hitting another button and try again. You can preview your pictures before you even waste the ink printing them out. Not only are digital cameras easy to use, but the icing on the cake is that digital cameras are no longer just for professional photographers.

In essence, we have all become professional photographers. Today, cameras range from under 2 mega pixels to over 6 mega pixels. Because these cameras are affordable, consumers have now evolved to purchasing a camera based on many other factors besides price. The size of a camera is important. Equally important is the ease of e-mailing photos.

Here are some observations associated with e-mailing pictures. Don't worry about what type of camera you purchase as it relates to e-mail capabilities. The camera will not impact e-mail capability. That is because most picture sizes are at least 1MG and will take forever to e-mail. Experts advertise learning the art of file zipping. I can tell you that this is not practical because zipping 10+ pictures at a time is slow, frustrating, annoying and a waste of time.

It clogs up your e-mail and can slow your entire system down. There are other disadvantages to e-mailing pictures. If you are trying to retrieve pictures from a period of over 3 to 6 months, then you've got to dig through many e-mails, hoping that you even saved a copy. You will hear many experts refer to "photo compression." This is no different that file zipping. According to many advertisements, "Photo compression (technically called zipping) lets you have your cake and eat it too.

A Zip program takes your originals and will compress photos creating a "squished" copy. You can choose to compress pictures to their original resolution (best for printing) or a reduced resolution (great for viewing on the computer and emailing)." In laments terms, the benefits associated with this concept are multiple photos in a single zip file. How's this for a simple solution? Why waste time e-mailing pictures? Why bother zipping multiple pictures and variations of files? Check out websites that offer services that allow you to post pictures to your family and friends. Not only will you get the benefit of NOT having to e-mail any pictures but most services site for so much more.

Check it out, you can't go wrong. Post your pictures, share them with your friends and family. Don't waste your time e-mailing large files around the world!.

Marie Christianson is a senior business analyst at Creat a Family Website Now!


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