Custom Birthday Gifts customprinted birthday gifts for milestone birthdays

In theory, custom birthday gifts always sound like fun. However, when it comes time to constructing custom birthday gifts, be they for a milestone birthday - like a 30th or 40th bash, or for an off number random year, like 33 or 22 - the gift giver inevitably gets swamped by logistics and extra costs. In fact, whether you're putting together a scrapbook of photos, hand knitting an embroidered blanket, or mocking up birthday T-shirts or apparel items, you'll no doubt spend far more time and energy than you anticipated you would when you first had your brilliant "custom birthday gifts" idea. Is there a way out? Can you find awesome custom birthday gifts that won't break the bank, won't rob you of precious days of your life, and won't end up looking gimmicky, cheep, cheesy, or overly sentimental? The answer is a resounding "yes"! The answer is the personalized magazine cover. Here's the deal - simply take a digital photo (or scan in a non-digital photo and upload it as digital) and use this photo as the basis for your personalized magazine cover. Then, using free online template software, add bylines, headlines, and other text and images to custom tailor the keepsake.

You can generate bawdy 30th birthday magazine covers, complete with headlines describing bachelor-related trysts, work-related in jokes, and so forth. Alternatively, if you're celebrating a 40th birthday gift for a family man, you can design the page layout so that the kids of the birthday boy can write in their own headlines and even do some of the layout work. On the other hand, if you're crafting a 50th birthday magazine cover, you can riff off the timeless "over the hill" theme by, for instance, putting fake ads on the back cover for elderly assistance products, such as the Craftsmatic adjustable bed, The Clapper, and your local mortuary. The point is, dreaming up and executing a personalized milestone birthday magazine cover is simple, fast, relatively cheap, and lots of fun to do. You can embark on a project with friends and family, or you can do it quickly on your computer. Templates abound to help you get the job done efficiently, so you won't have to worry about formatting details and the like.

So what do you have to lose? Explore this fun action today!.

Michele Kolier, Director, Marketing YourCover Magazine Covers - leading provider of personalized magazine covers. Ideal for birthdays,graduation and important occasions. Try our Magazine Cover Demo. Call 877-972-6837 to learn more.


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