Can love and beauty be defined

We have all heard the saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". However, a different perspective is that Beauty is really something that is inside of everyone and everything, and simply judged by the beholder. By taking judgment out of the determination of whom or what is "beautiful", it is easier to see the natural beauty that is constantly surrounding us. If we understand the definition of beauty to be something that is aesthetically pleasing, we might immediately think of rainbows or sunsets. But would you consider a butterfly beautiful? Some might say yes because of their delicate wings, intricate patterns and vibrant colors; however, others may simply see them as bugs.

So who or what determines Beauty? If you change your perception of Beauty, could you find it in other areas of your life and in new situations? Next time you are out for a walk and step into a muddy puddle, find the beauty. For instance, you have just had an encounter with two very powerful elements - Earth and Water. So, by stepping in that puddle you had a very personal exchange with two of nature's most wonderful gifts. How Beautiful! In another example that Beauty is not always evident at first glance, take the kiwi fruit. From the outside, the kiwi is a brownish green colored fruit with rough hairs on the outside of the skin. However, once you cut it open you will find a brightly colored green fleshy pulp speckled with black seeds forming a symmetrical circular pattern around a pale yellow center.

How Beautiful! So, to get the most out of the gifts this world is providing to us, take the time to look deeper in search of Beauty. To help in finding Beauty in other things, we first need to find the Beauty within our own love hearts. Asking some tough questions like, "Do you help others in need?" or "Do you pass judgment too quickly?" are definitely a starting point to discovering your own Beauty. List your own wonderful qualities, and everything that you are thankful for in your life. Undoubtedly, you have contributed to your life's greatness.

How Beautiful! When you find the level of respect and Beauty within yourself, you will find it all things. Defining this amazing word would only be limiting its vastness. Check beauty quotes and Love quotes.

Girl's beauty, love, romance, her cute smyle is always very charming. I think nobody can define the beauty of a girl's heart. Its as deep as ocean.

It has so much of love in it for her beloved that even God will be surprised. Beauty of a girl's heart can always be seen through her eyes.

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