Beware The Law Of Cause And Effect Will Catch Up With Your Negative Thoughts

The last few days, I spent a bit of time explaining the deeper aspects of the workings of "The Seven Basic Laws Of Nature" to one of my students. She is the top sales person in her industry and is very well known for her ability to achieve the goals that she sets for herself. Personally, I have a lot of respect for her, as she is simple, kind and truthful.

Recently, she had a number of negative experiences that brought her great awareness with regards to the workings of the Law of Cause and Effect. In other words, the Law of Cause and Effect was catching up with some of her negative thoughts, words and actions in the past. As per the saying, "What goes around comes around".

These negative thoughts, words and actions were done prior to her knowing of the laws of nature. As I was explaining it to her, she became aware that the effects that she was going through now was due to her past thoughts, words and actions, also known as the cause. Although she understood it intellectually, yet the negative emotions she was feeling were causing havoc on her intellectually, emotionally and physically. She was actually falling sick.

She was at her office yesterday morning and she SMSed me through her mobile phone and told me of her condition. She also could not do any sales due to the heavy feeling in her heart. Instantaneously, I replied the following: "The one thing that keeps the universe continuously evolving and becoming better is a phenomenal force called GOD! Guess what? You are directly linked to this great force just like every single person on this planet! So get your butt moving, focus on your goals and show that you are indeed worthy to be a part of this great force! Just do it!" Later in the evening, she called to thank me and said that she felt better after the reading the message I had sent her and also she did a lot more sales for the day than she did for the whole of last week. She said that she actually laughed out loud after reading my reply. The next thing she knew was she was back in action and doing her sales. Then she asked me what happened to her.

Then, with a long sigh, I said, "nature helps a person to analyze his or her mistakes and creates awareness to ensure the similar mistakes are not made again. Thus, slowly allowing one to escape the endless cycle of cause and effect one at a time. In this way, Nature helps one to build the inner self and external character to achieve his or her goals and eventually do what the person came to this planet to do, which is also known as, the mission in life".

Then jokingly I said, "However, all that jazz about the seven basic laws of nature gives explanations and creates awareness but at times it leaves a bad taste in the mouth as we tend to feel bad when we began to recognize and become aware of our past negative thoughts, words and actions which were done without much awareness. However, that which gets us to move on with life is the ability to learn from the mistakes, look beyond it and of course the ability to laugh at ourselves. The message I sent you, simply made you see a glimpse of the bigger picture and gently telling you that there is nothing that can be done to change the past, but we must not let it mess up and bog down our present. That is all my friend.

" We both laughed as I finished saying this. She thanked me again and I wished her the best and ended the conversation.

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