Baby Showers

Many people have either attended a baby shower or had one thrown for them. However, when trying to organize a baby shower these same people may be at a loss, not knowing where to start. This article will cover the basics of a baby shower, especially in the planning stages.

The first question that must be addressed is who is going to throw the shower. Today just about anyone can throw the shower as values and traditions are rapidly changing. However there was a time when only close friends were the ones who were supposed to have this job. The reason was because when a relative throws a shower it can give the impression that they are trying to get gifts for their family member instead of wanting to celebrate the upcoming baby with family and friends. Once the hostess's are decided the next step is to determine the guest list.

The number of guests will depend upon the atmosphere in which you are trying to create. A large shower is better for a more party like celebration, but if you are looking to throw a shower that is intimate and which allows the guest of honor ample time with each guest the shower list should not exceed 25 people. Close family and friends on both sides should be invited. You should also consult the mother to be if there is anyone else she wants there as well as anyone who she does not feel comfortable inviting. Before finalizing that guest list you might want to think about having a co-ed party.

Co-ed parties are pretty new in the world of baby showers but they are gaining in popularity. It must be decided if the party is to remain traditional, a girls only affair, or if this is for a modern couple who would rather have a co-ed baby bash to celebrate the family that they are about to start. If a co-ed party is chosen it would be wise to rethink decorations, venue and food. Instead of dainty food, pastel colors and a banquet room you might want to consider something like a barbeque type of outing. If the couple wants something in between the traditional and the modern you might consider two parties, one a traditional baby shower and the other a dinner or activity for the men.

The woman's shower would not be affected by the men's festivities but the new father to be will still be able to celebrate in his own way with his male family and friends. Now that we know who is throwing the shower, who is being invited and what kind of party is being thrown it is time to do the actual inviting. The first thing that needs to be taken care of is when it is going to be. Remember nine months is only estimation, therefore it is best if the shower is held between the sixth and seventh months. The extra time is in case the mother goes into labor early as well as allowing the mother to get all of her new stuff home and ready for baby. Invitations should be sent at least 4 weeks in advance for any out of town guests that are being invited and at least 2 for in town guests.

However, the earlier the better. The invitation design can be anything from a basic white to a theme that is being used in the nursery. If possible the invitation should either correspond with the nursery theme or the party theme.

The invitation should include the guest(s) of honors name, where and when the shower is being held, a map to the shower, the hostess's name and number, when to RSVP by, the sex of the baby is known, the shower theme if any and any places the parents to be are registered to and under what names. Now that all preparations have been completed it is time to look forward to the shower. A baby shower can run anywhere from 2-4 hours, but should not be any longer. The beginning is usually when the hostess and the guest of honor will thank each guest for coming.

During the period of everyone's arrival is usually time for people to mingle. After everyone is there some sort of food is usually served, either a sit down meal like a brunch or a variety of finger foods and desserts. After the food you may choose to play a couple of games, but of course this is not mandatory. Finally, the guest of honor gets to open her presents. As the hostess besides providing the party and the food, you may also want to buy door prizes, prizes for the baby shower games and party favors.

Now you know the basics of throwing a successful baby shower.

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