Baby Shower Gift Ideas for your Next Shower

Is there anything more exciting than the arrival of a new baby? The instant the parents-to-be find out that they're expecting, every moment in life takes on an added layer of meaning. Whether it's thinking of names, planning a nursery or breaking the news to an older brother or sister, it seems that everything is suddenly a special event. Of course the one thing new babies need the most is love, but the list of supplies and equipment that new parents need to outfit and care for their new arrival is mind-boggling! When trying to decide on a gift it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Here are four other fun and functional baby gift ideas that won't put a strain on your busy schedule OR your budget: Baby Album of Firsts While the pregnancy itself may seem to take an eternity, once the baby is born, time flies by at warp speed! As new parents, they're going to feel a longing to capture as many of the "firsts" as possible -- the baby's first smile, laugh, roll over, solid food, crawl, word, step, tooth, etc. The list of events is endless, and so will the memories with a baby photo album of firsts. Bib-a-Day Okay, we know that once babies start eating "real" food it's more like a bib-a-minute, but don't you think that new parents would appreciate a week's worth of bibs? Check out the choices at your local baby or department store. You can get the same bib in a variety of colors. Go for a cute animal theme or get seven bibs that are completely different from one another. Bundle of Basics Many essential baby products are small and inexpensive, and combining a whole bunch of them can make a terrific and useful gift.

It is very easy to go out and buy baby lotion, shampoo, mild soap, diaper rash ointment, Vaseline, washcloths, itsy-bitsy fingernail clippers, a brush and comb set, tub toys, a teething ring -- the list goes on and on! Combine them together and you have a winning combination of gifts that will all be useful. You can put the goodies in a pretty basket, a small hamper, or just wrap it all up in a receiving blanket and you're good to go! A Heap o' Wipes Any experienced parent knows that you can never have too many diaper wipes. So go to your local club/warehouse store and buy the biggest package of baby wipes you can find (go ahead, splurge and buy two). Throw in an economy-sized box or two of diapers, wrap it all up with a big bow, and just like that you'll have made things easier for harried new parents. It may not be the prettiest present they get, but it's for sure the most practical!.

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