Adoption Records Reuniting Families

Adoption records are records of all the adoptions that take place within a given state. The identity of the birth parents is often the most important information that you can find in adoption documents. However, the information about birth parents is frequently insufficient to identify them fully since addresses and contact information are not included in the adoption documents. The educational attainment, age, ethnicity and sometimes, some medical information of the parents is the kind of vague and non-identifying data that you will find in these records. Why People Want to Find Their Adoption Records The primary reason why you will want to access your adoption records is to find a long lost parent or child whom you were separated from due to the process of adoption.

Sometimes, if you were given up for foster care or are a child of divorce, adoption documents can also help reveal who your parents are. In some cases wherein parents have passed away, these records can also help you you're your long lost siblings. You must keep in mind, however, that the information that can be found in adoption records was provided at the time the adoption took place, making it somewhat obsolete. Sometimes, the information provided is also incomplete because the birth parents or the private facilitators that assisted them during the adoption did not feel the need to fill out the forms completely. But knowing about the ethnic background of your birth parents can help in uncovering the past and identifying the locations where they can now possibly be. Adoption Records - The Convenience of Online Searches Accessing adoption records online makes it easier to conduct confidential and anonymous searches whenever necessary.

There are some instances wherein parents who have given their child up for adoption may not want to be found anymore. As for parents wanting to find their children, anonymous searches are also recommended when the adoptive child is still young and quite unprepared to accept that they are adopted. Although there are variations in adoption laws from one state to another, most of them require that complete information be provided at the time of adoption. For the most part, adoption records will remain sealed and identifying information can only be obtained through court orders. Still, there are other means of accessing adoption documents online such as mutual consent registries wherein both parties agree to allow the records to be released.

Just make sure that you have the right information for the adoption records to be found, such as the date of the adoption, the name of the adoptee and if possible, the court in which the adoption took place. Online resources are already exhaustive but if you still feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack, you can petition the court to release your adoption records. You just need to prove that you have a convincing reason why the adoption documents should be given to you, such as for medical or health purposes or that it would best serve the interests of all parties involved.

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