A Recipe for Manifesting Your Desires

Manifesting is a great way to start creating the life you want and desire. You can follow this simple recipe for manifesting and you will start seeing the changes you desire in your life. The first step to being successful at manifesting is to realize that you are a creator! Yes, that's right, YOU are a creator. You are connected to the universal intelligence, the same intelligence that is responsible for all creation. I like to call it God and he tells us "Ask and You Shall Receive". Your thoughts coupled with your feelings are your direct line to God.

What you verbally ask for is useless unless it is backed by the same thoughts and emotions. The key to manifesting what you want is thinking about it in the sense that you have already achieved it. There must be an absence of doubt and it must be combined with the feelings of accomplishing the request. Follow these easy steps and begin manifesting the life you want. Think, Speak, and Act! First find a quiet place to think about what it is you desire.

You must be able to focus all of your attention on your desire, and then follow these three steps. 1. Think - You must think about what it is you desire. Visualize your desire in detail and feel the emotions you would have by accomplishing your desire.

It is important to focus only on what it is you desire. This needs to be done daily for a just a few minutes. See yourself as already accomplishing what it is you desire. 2. Speak - Now I am not referring to talking about your dream to all of your friends, family members, and colleagues.

It is not good to let people know your inner most desires. Most people will only tell all of the reasons why it can not be done. Don't allow yourself to be exposed to that negativity.

What I do mean is to talk about it to yourself and do it in the present tense. Talk about it as if you have already reached your dream and are living the life you want. 3. Act - Lastly, you must act on your desire. It is not enough to just think and talk about it. You must ACT upon it! That means developing a plan and acting on that plan.

You must ACT with a never ending perseverance that does not accept failure. If the original plan does not work then tweak the plan and try again. Success comes to those that persevere and are willing to sacrifice to reach their dreams. Stay focused - think, speak, and act. If you do your desires will start transforming into realities.

Every great achievement started as a thought that evolved into reality by it's owners unrelenting actions. Let your connection to God be a path to manifesting your dreams into reality. "Ask and you shall receive", it can't be any simpler than that. Start living your new life today by implementing this recipe for manifesting.

Start changing your life today with the use of Manifesting. Mark Williams can help you attain your desires with the many resources at his Motivational Site.


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