A Quick and Easy Fathers Day Craft for Kids

If youve got younger children, theres little doubt that youre looking for some quick and easy Fathers Day crafts to do with your kids. Children absolutely love to give Dad something that they made themselves for Fathers Day. so heres a really simple gift for Dads Day. a pencil holder.

Okay, I know that pencil holders arent really new, but Dad can always use one, they are really unique, and they can take on any type of personality or theme! Plus, they make a really quick and easy Fathers Day craft that kids can do themselves!

Heres how to make one:

Youll need to start with a clean can. I like to use the cardboard cans with a flip/pop up top that chow mein noodles and potato chips come in because they dont have sharp edges, but you can also use any other kind of can you want.

Make sure that your can isnt sharp around the edges. wouldnt want the kids to get hurt while decorating it or have Dad cut his finger when reaching in for a pencil!

Once you have the can, you can decorate it in a variety of ways. here are some ideas depending on the age and capability of your child:

1. Wrap the can with construction paper. Then you can decorate the paper with markers, crayons, stickers, foam pieces, etc.

2. Wrap the can with construction paper. Use pictures of your child or children to decorate the pencil holder.


Wrap the can with construction paper. Stamp the childs handprints, footprints, or fingerprints on the paper.

4. Paint popsicle sticks and glue them around the can.

5. Gather sticks from outside. Cut or break them to the correct height of the can and hot glue them to the can to make a *green* project.

6. Glue different shapes of macaroni around the outside of the can.

After the glue dries, spray paint the can Dads favorite color.

7. Wrap yarn around the can from top to bottom.

8. Glue on animal ears, nose, mouth, etc. to make Dads favorite animal into a pencil holder.

9. Glue felt or scraps of material onto the can to make any kind of design you want.


Glue shells, small pebbles, buttons, etc. to the can to make a *themed* pencil holder.

One other note.

although Ive given you lots of ideas about how you can decorate Dads pencil holder for Fathers Day, dont forget that you can also decorate it according to a theme that means something to him. For example, you could make a pencil holder with a golf theme, fishing theme, sports theme, etc.

Pencil holders might not be something really new when it comes to childrens crafts, but they really make a nice, quick, and easy Fathers Day craft that kids can make for Dad.


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