A life unlimited or limited beliefs the choice is yours

Is your life on hold because you have convinced yourself you cannot get what you want. You can't do certain things in life because someone else told you so. Have these experiences been with you most of your life? You are not alone. Unconsciously we have absorbed others beliefs and adopted those beliefs as our own.Limiting beliefs are debilitating.

They stop us from reaching our potential when we can easily overcome them and become who we were meant to achieving more of our potential to reach high levels in our lives. Are you are cause or effect? The natural law of cause and effect has a real impact on our life outcome. Do you want results or do you make up reason why you can't accomplish your goals? If you want results and do something about it, you are at cause and take full responsibility for your own outcomes. If however you are giving reasons, excuses and blaming others, you are operating from a place of effect.

Here's the deal,when you are at cause you are in control, when at effect others influence your life. Do you really want that? Do you listen too much to dream stealers? The kill joys who steal your dreams, tell you you can't do stuff, are rubbish, not worthy- ignore them as they will bring you to a place of effect and not cause.All of their insults, flippant remarks are just based on their own experiences. Their aim is to hold you back so you remain on their level, many are afraid if you improve your knowledge, skill or situation, they will lose you and they fear it. Fear creates limiting beliefs and a limited life. Don't fall foul of it.

Are you prepared to change and improve? If so, great you are ready to be at cause, a place of responsibility congratulations! To achieve success you need to put the Law of attraction into action . Rule one - Know what you want.Most people tell me what they don't want and then wonder why that's what they attract all the time.Law of attraction states we become and attract what we focus on. So reason tells me that if you are saying things like I really don't want this or that, it will manifest in your life because you attention and energy is focused on it! Rule two -Focus energy on what you want and expect the best outcome How can you do this? Think about what you enjoy doing most. What are the things others say are your good points? What are you great at? What energizes you? what are you doing when time seems to fly by? They are all clues to times when you were at your best, So focus on these are they are living proof to your success of being at cause, putting the law of attraction into action to get what you want and lead the life of your dreams.

Copyright (c) 2008 Jacqui Tillyard.

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