A Beautiful Song And An Inspiration

There was this beautiful song that I heard about 5 years ago. I loved it so much although I didn't know who sang it. The problem was that this song has never been played on air. Well, maybe it was played a few times, but it was never given much attention to make it popular like those songs from the local favorite artists. After awhile, I totally forgot about it until recently the radio keeps on playing it over and over. I said to myself, "Hey, I know this song.

I heard it before but why only now they play it". Little that I know that the singer was actually working hard to make herself known to the world. She has been trying to win the heart of her fans since years ago. As far as I know, she has been involved in 2 realty TV shows that were looking for new singing talents. And, although she did not win in both programs, she was among a few that caught the attention of millions of supporters.

Do a search on the internet and there are thousands of websites mentioning her name. God knows what else she is doing to make her dreams of becoming a star a reality. I sincerely admire her courage and efforts. Her story becomes an inspiration and a lesson to me and hopefully to you too. What is your dream in life? What are you doing to achieve it? Have you been persistent enough to get what you want? I know that it's hard and painful to visualize a vision of getting what you want and not getting it yet.

But, give it time and do the things that are within your reach to make it work. There are thousands of people who have dreams but never dare to pursue them. Call it low self-esteem. Call it not being confident.

Call it whatever you want, but the truth is if you don't take action to work towards your dreams, there's no one else going to take you there. I am going back to listen to that beautiful song. It will not only entertain me, but it will also motivate me to move closer to my dreams. I don't know what else she'll be doing to put herself in the hall of fames.

Whether she'll make it or not, I'm sure that I'll keep an eye on her progress - from a distance, of course. I'm also wishing her the best.

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